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Are you and your child ready to take the next step towards freedom in education?


‘22-’23 School Year Enrollment Announcement:


We are currently scheduling Visiting Weeks for September 2022. Please email us at TCS@cal.ranjiniramesh.com to schedule a Zoom call to learn more information.

COVID policy information:
As of Spring 2022, we still have many COVID-19 precautions in place including masks, air filters, a vaccine mandate (medical and religious exemptions apply), and weekly PCR testing provided by the school.


Steps to Enrollment

Tour Clearwater

School Tour

Prior to pursuing enrollment, we ask that all families attend a school tour with their potential students. Tours are given by staff and sometimes student guides as well! This is an opportunity for you to see our campus and learn more about our approach to education, freedom, democracy, and community. Tours generally last between 20-30 minutes. Come prepared with all of your questions and be ready to change your concept of what a school looks like.

Orientation Meeting

Orientation Meeting

After the school tour you are welcome to schedule a Visiting Week (see below). Before the Visiting Week begins, families and their future students attend an Orientation meeting.
The Orientation is designed for the school and the family to get to know each other better. Students and their guardians will be prepared for what to expect from their first week at Clearwater.

Visiting Week

Visiting Week

Visiting Week students are fully immersed in Clearwater during this 5 day experience. Like all of our students, they have the freedom to choose how they spend their time. Whether that be making friends, attending School Meeting and the Judicial Committee, getting certified for the art room, or simply observing; all approaches to learning and transitioning to this new environment are welcome.
Visiting Week students are expected to do their best to follow all school rules and campus boundaries. In order to enroll at Clearwater, student’s must demonstrate that they are responsible enough to be in our unsupervised environment.
Visiting Week students can not go off campus and they are not yet considered voting members of school meeting.

  • Visiting Weeks can be scheduled throughout the year. Contact us to inquire about scheduling.

  • Online Registration must be completed prior to attending - provided at time of scheduling

  • Cost: $250 per student

Follow-up Meeting

Follow-up Meeting

At the end of your Visiting Week, you will sit down with staff members to discuss the experience. We want to hear the highs and lows of the week from both the student and parent perspectives. If you choose to pursue enrollment, we will walk you through all the necessary steps.



Enrolling is simple! You’ve already completed our online registration for the Visiting Week, there are just a few additional steps.

Materials to review prior to enrollment:

Items due at the time of enrollment: